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An essential part of the desert experience is the Camel ride. While the sheer stature of the animal and a sight of its teeth could be intimidating, the camel is usually a gentle animal.

And once you are in the saddle, the ride can be shockingly comfortable. You can roam the sands like a free bird and command a great view of the dunes from atop the camel’s back.

While 4X4s could struggle in some patches, you can regally glide by astride your Bactrian transport – the perfect way to traverse this desolate landscape.

Al Raha has its own fleet of 5 camels along with their trainers so that you can experience this quintessential Arabian experience whenever the fancy strikes you.

Tips for sailing on the Ship of the Desert:

  • Always go with a trained camel handler.
  • Hang on for dear life when the camel is trying to stand up or sit down.
  • Tie in small children even if you are in the saddle along with them.
  • Do not goad the animal into running as it can be difficult for an inexperienced rider to handle and the trainer on foot will not be able to keep up with the speed.