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If the weather is cloudy or you are just in a mood to lounge around, there is nothing quite like a game of table football. Even kids can join in, in this perfect family activity provided at Al Raha.

While, its not exactly like the Superbowl, the excitement can be just as contagious.

Tips to master Foot Ball:

  • Games are usually played upto 5 goals, or alternatively out of 9 or 10 (depending on how many balls are in the table).
  • No spinning - defined as the rotation of any figure more than 360 degrees either before or after striking the ball.
  • No illegal jarring of the table - note legitimate attempts to block a shot are allowed but 'random thrashing' is not.
  • Put in should be 'through-the-hole' or go to the midfield of the team who conceded the previous goal.
  • Bounce outs (where the ball enters the goal hits the back and comes back out) count as goals. Play is restarted as usual from a put in.
  • In the event of the ball leaving the table, it should be re-served.